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Combines OER with custom learning tools to improve communication between students and teachers.

  • Personalized study plans for each student

  • Texts and supplemental materials

  • Real-time feedback

  • Easier communication & connection

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Extremely affordable e-books with curated text, video, interactives, and other learning materials.

  • OER for 50+ courses

  • Customizable curriculum

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    Standard eTextbook replacement

  • Just $10 per enrolled student

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ZC waterproof and amp;J adjustable fashion 36 outdoor stitching anti tear women large A backpack men 55L universal backpack capacity backpack Combines enriched OER with personalized learning tools that improve faculty-student connections.

  • Personalized study plans for each student

  • Texts and supplemental materials

  • Real-time feedback

  • Easier communication & connection

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From arithmetic to calculus, OHM provides online homework and other learning resources at a low cost.

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Affordable eTextbook replacement using enriched, editable OER

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Personalized learning tools combined with best-available OER

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OER online homework system for math and quantitative subjects

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Explore some of Lumen’s leading OER courses in high-enrollment subjects, and visit our full catalog.

Take Charge of Learning

Lumen provides a simple, well-supported path for faculty to teach with open educational resources inside your LMS

  • Resolves textbook access/affordability for students

  • Customizable materials instructors can use as-is or adapt to fit their needs

  • Better student outcomes validated by research

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